Author: Beatrice Morris

Free Guide to Mount Rinjani Trekking Via Senaru

Mount Rinjani trekking through the Senaru line is actually not a common path past the climbers because the climbers will usually ride through the Sembalun line and down through Senaru. So the climbers who ride through this path will find many climbers who descend from the top of Rinjani and will find it very difficult to meet other groups who ride through Senaru. One of the reasons why the path of Senaru avoided the climbers is because the path that continues to climb even from the basecamp or registration to the entrance of Senaru. The journey will continue uphill until the post Plawangan Senaru.


Therefore, many tourists who use this kind of field to get off the top of Rinjani. But for those of you who are curious can not hurt to try Senaru line to rise to the top of the famous Rinjani its beauty. To estimate the time it takes the climbers who pass the Senaru route is not ascertained because it all depends on the length of the climbers and the physical condition of the climb. But from the experience of many climbers who pass through Senaru they take about 10 hours just to reach Plawangan Senaru. It’s just that the climbers who pass through this Senaru route will benefit from the cool air because it is spared from pastures like the one on the Sembalun line.

But you need to know that after going through the post 2 then you have to prepare for an open field where the sun will be very felt later. In addition between post 2 and post 3 there is a bunch of wild monkeys who could have disturbed the climbers. Tips to get through a bunch of monkeys is that never remove food or other objects that make the monkeys curious and approached you or to be more secure you should pass a group of monkeys in groups. In addition to get through the Senaru route well you must be smart to regulate energy and stamina so it is not easy to stop to rest in the middle of the journey because it will only waste your time and make mount rinjani trekking you do will be getting to the top.